Cards with messages have been sporadically created and posted by individuals and businesses since the beginning of postal services. In the United States, the custom of sending through the mail, at letter rate, a picture or blank card stock that held a message, began with a card postmarked in December 1848 containing printed advertising. So, contrary to popular belief the first postcard in the U.S. was a direct marketing piece.

Today the postcard lives on... As an advertising tool it is a very cost effective way to reach your customers. At first glance, the postcard campaign looks like one of the most basic forms of marketing. You just print them up and send them out.

When done effectively, there's nothing simple about it. An effective campaign takes planning and coordination. That is where we come in. 

Postcards can yield formidable results, even in this digital age. Direct mail's average response rate is 4.4 percent, compared with email's rate of 0.12 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

However, it's best not to think of postcards strictly as “traditional" marketing. An effective campaign links the mail to your other marketing efforts.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, we can help you design and implement a post card that will capture your market share.

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