Bumper Stickers

Now you can put your logo on wheels! Promotional bumper stickers get your message around town, and more! 

You don’t have to be in the auto industry to benefit from a car and automobile promotion. Promotional bumper stickers are among the earliest forms of advertising, and for good reason. Car stickers allow a company’s biggest fans to show support and patronage for all to see. They are there when cars are stuck in traffic (which seems to be often these days). The are there when parked at work or the grocery store. Many times they are read unconsciously. Or with a cute slogan they are often quipped about and create happiness. What better way to get your message out there

So when they want to show pride for their honor students, spread the word about an awareness cause close to their hearts, or just boast about completing the Giant burrito at Papa and Beer, auto bumper sticker giveaways are the way to get your word out there. And they’ll have no regrets about their ride— removable customized bumper stickers come off easily and will not damage paint or finishes.

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